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Course: Biology
Teacher: Gallo
School: SBP
Time: First Block
Location: Room 41

Course Objective:
This course introduces the student to basic biological principles necessary to understand biology. It begins with a study of the basic characteristics and organization of living things and lays the foundation in chemistry needed for an understanding of biological processes.  From this background we will immerse onto the cell, its organization and its modes of survival.  We will then enter the molecular world with the behavior of chromosomes, foundation of genetic mechanisms and DNA.

Biology Homework

NameDue DateDescription
Chapter 2.1 September 26, 2018 Read section 2.1- vocabulary and answer questions and answers at the end of the section. 
Study Guide B September 21, 2018 Test Monday, complete Study Guide B for homework 
1.4 September 20, 2018 Read section 1.4 and fill in notes packet. Also answer questions at the end of 1.4 
Quiz September 19, 2018 1.1+1.2 
1.2 September 18, 2018  
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Biology Slides

  • hssb0805t_powernotes.pdf   0k - by Sara Gallo (v1)
  • hssb0804t_powernotes.pdf   0k - by Sara Gallo (v1)
  • hssb0803t_powernotes.pdf   0k - by Sara Gallo (v1)
  • hssb0802t_powernotes.pdf   0k - by Sara Gallo (v1)
  • hssb0801t_powernotes.pdf   0k - by Sara Gallo (v1)
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